Plastic Security Seals



All plastic pull up seal suitable for airline carts, cases, curtain buckles and tote boxes.

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Roll cages, sacks, cash bags, boxes, tanker valves, vehicle doors.

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Provides indicative evidence of usage for fire extinguishers, resuscitation trolleys, ambulance supplies, signal to replenish medical equipment, minibars. Also used on airline carts.

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For sealing fire doors & vehicle doors. 

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Omega II

Pull up seal with metal insert suitable for Airline Carts, ATM Cassettes, Cash Bags, Boxes, Small Sacks and Small Apertures. 

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Cash, clinical waste, property and polythene bags as well as tanker valves and roll cages.

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Heavy duty plastic seal with large flag for identification. For roll cages, large postal sacks and bottle deposit collection machines (PF). 

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One piece padlock seal for airline carts. 

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